Advo Coach – Wesley

Wesley Soo

Pri 4 – 5 Chinese

Sec 1 – 3 Chinese

IB Chinese

Coaching Achievements

  • NTU Bachelor of Arts (Chinese)
  • 2 years’ experience in teaching Chinese & Higher Chinese for Pri 4 – 6, Sec 3 – 4

About Wesley

    Wesley strongly believes that education is essential and is the key to helping children grow and develop into independent and responsible adults with the right values in life.

    He wants to help shape our children into confident and resilient dream chasers.

Helping children to build self-confidence and believe they can achieve their goals is very important. With a lack of self-confidence, no matter how much you study and practice, nothing gets absorbed because of the psychological barrier.

Wesley joined Advo the organisation focuses not only on the academic improvement but also on the holistic development of children by teaching them life skills and inculcating the mindset of daring to dream and success in life.

Such learning approach can help a student to excel academically and put a smile back into learning 🙂

先苦后甜 (Success is always bitter first, but the fruits of success beared at the end will always be sweet)



Bilingual and flexible teaching methodologies!



Expect interactive and engaging lessons with Wesley


Wesley is dedicated and patient to guide your child to their ‘A’!