Advo Coach – Sherina Koh

Sherina Koh

O Level Chinese Trainer

Coaching Achievements
  • Creator of ‘O’/’A’ Chinese LMRT
  • Creator of PSLE Power Revision Series
  • Coached hundreds of students and has a track record of having 90% of her students score A

Sherina is on a quest to redesign education to let people live the language empowerment for life. Sherina is a Chinese specialist with years of experience in both MOE and the private sector.

To date, she has coached hundreds of students and has a track record of having 90% of her students score As. A student from the Higher Chinese and Chinese Literature programmes back in her school days, Sherina graduated from the Language Elective Programme (LEP) in Nanyang Junior College and continued to further her studies in NTU NIE, with a passion to prove to the world that the learning of Chinese can be fun. Sherina received an undergraduate scholarship from MOE and graduated with Second Upper Honours specializing in Chinese Language and Literature.

Aligning her methods with the current emphasis on application and interactivity, Sherina believes that the coaching of Chinese is beyond text. With the right strategies and technologies, every moment is a coachable moment, and every child has the potential to score an A1 with the right mindset!

If you think scoring 'A' in Chinese is difficult, that's because you haven't met me yet!



‘A’ is only possible with Sherina, the Bilingual Coach!


Best Track Record Holder with 90% of her students scoring ‘As’ since year of 2008


Compressed Success through the “all you need” 16 hours PSLE Power Revision Programme covering P4 to P6 syllabus!