Physics, like most science subjects, can be very daunting. It often requires a mathematical and conceptual understanding that can be frustrating to those unfamiliar with the subject.

However, mastering Physics and solving its problems doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. With the right strategy, it can be quite straightforward.

Here are a few tips on how you can approach studying Physics to make the subject easier to grasp, and more enjoyable.

1. Know your formulas

When it comes to basic Physics, all that is required of you is to understand the concepts and apply the tools available to you, most importantly, the formulas.

The more you use these formulas and apply them to problems, the easier it gets to remember them and to use them appropriately. Some of the topics that most students struggle with are Kinematics and Dynamics, which are segments under a bigger chunk called Mechanics.

To master Physics, it is important to understand the concepts that are governing these more difficult topics.

2. Understand the problem

Read the question carefully and be clear what you need to do. Figure out the context, and then pick out the details.

Knowing what you are dealing with will help you to formulate your answer and determine which equations to use. It often helps to break down the problem into manageable chunks, and then see which formula fits.

3. Organise the information

Problems in the form of wordy chunks can be difficult to decipher. They may hide the variables you need to solve the problem, or give you extra information you don’t need.

What you can do, is to extract and write down the variables you get out of the question. Doing this will help you to see clearly what is missing and what is needed.

Another strategy is to draw a picture of the situation, which will also help you to understand the problem better.

4. Practice

Practice, of course, makes perfect. The more you attempt problems and apply your knowledge, the easier it becomes. The more you practice, the less time it will take you to recognise the most effective solution, because you would have had the experience.

Be a whiz at Physics with Advo Study Strategies

At Advo, our O-level Physics coaches share effective strategies to be proficient in this traditionally challenging subject. Students are also taught to master drawing graphs, how to interpret these graphs, and also how to use these graphs to calculate other values.

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