Students are expected to display proficiency in reading, writing and interpreting the language in both literary and functional contexts. This means that they have to acquire critical skills in argumentation, inference and technicality. They must also have a strong command of basic grammar, and build a varied vocabulary.

Common problems faced by students and Advo’s simple solutions to them

1. Editing

-‘I usually go with my gut feeling. If it sounds correct then I go for it! So sometimes I get the mark, sometimes I don’t. It depends on my luck.’

-‘There are too many grammatical rules! English is impossible to study.’

Advo’s solution:

Learn fixed rules and easy strategies for all question types in one compact list! A1 is easy with us. Rely no more on ‘luck’ or gut feeling and solidly secure your 10/10 marks instead.

2. Writing

-‘I think I am answering the question, but somehow I am not scoring high marks.’

-‘I am always writing out of point!’

-‘I just don’t know how to structure everything.’

-‘I just write as much as I can, but I don’t score.’

Advo’s solution:

Learn how to structure, expand on and phrase your answers accurately and impressively. Everything is taught in a step-by-step format, so you no longer have to blindly ‘free-style’ your way through this component!


3. Paper 2

-‘I feel like I am answering the questions correctly, but somehow I can’t get the marks!’

-‘I cannot seem to find the answers.’

-‘I don’t understand the visual text or passage at all! I don’t understand the questions either.’

Advo’s solution:

Learn a different approach to reading and understanding given passages quickly. Master quick and simple answering techniques and learn how marks are allocated to score easily. Get lots of practice on refining your use of language and learn a smorgasbord of new words and phrases to use for paraphrasing!

In Advo, we help break each examinable component down into manageable, bite-sized learning units. Every step of the way, you will be taught to apply uniquely developed strategies to help you perform effectively for the subject with less effort and more enjoyment. Ace your O Level English papers easily with these nifty techniques, even if you have not been doing well for English all your life!