As students transit from primary to sec 1 maths, they are introduced to more challenging mathematical concepts. Algebra is one of the more important and challenging topics in sec 1 maths since it comprises of several sub-topics such as expansion, factorization of expressions.

Lower Secondary Science consists of three segments – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The requirements of the three different sciences are generally different, and students often feedback that they particularly dislike or like one of the sciences due to various reasons.

A Math is essentially easy if hard work is put into the subject matter. It is a subject whereby a good strategy from a coach, can save the student lots of precious time in revising and practicing the questions. If a student has certain topics that he/she is not sure about, it is a must to catch up over the weekends or holidays, as it is about consistency and practicing smartly.

O Level E Math can be said to be the most important subject that any student takes, it is a determining subject for entry to many Polytechnic courses, and serves as a fundamental basis for Math in JC. The most important factor in scoring for E Math is that the students must be familiar with the formulas, and they must be extremely careful when answering the questions. It is a very fun subject to coach, and under the right guidance, the students would fall in love with the way they can grasp and be confident about the subject.

A common misconception is that Biology needs memorisation. One reason for this misconception could largely be due to a lack of understanding in Biology concepts. For example, in the topic of Molecular genetics, we know the concept that recombinant plasmids containing foreign genes can be selected from those that do not with the use of genetic markers. In Cell division, we know that DNA is replicated but chromosome number stays the same. However, how do the selection markers work? How do chromosome numbers stay the same?

Unlike Biology and Physics, students find it hard to understand Chemistry because it is not a subject that they can relate to the everyday life easily. In O-level Chemistry, the subject is about understanding the properties of several types of chemical substances, the reactions that they can undergo and application of several reactions and chemical substances. Some chapters are straightforward so students can just memorize the content like organic chemistry but some o level chemistry topics require students to understand the logic behind the concepts. This is when most students will struggle.

Are you having difficulties understanding all the concepts and formulas? Overloaded with content but have yet to master answering techniques and approaching questions? Finding it impossible to master the entire syllabus in such a short time? Yes, the pressure is on, I’ve been there and done that but freak not, I’m here to make O Level Physics easy with Advo!