Advo Coach – Sean

Sean You

O Level Physics / Combined Science

A Level Physics / Math

Coaching Achievements

  • Masters in Mathematics, (MMath) NUS
  • Bachelor in in Mathematics and Physics (Double Major), (BSc)NUS
  • 10+ years experience lecturing in Republic Polytechnic
  • 10+ years experience coaching O/A Levels

About Sean

    Sean was a polytechnic lecturer for more than 10 years.
    When he was in NUS, he was a student mentor to undergraduates who are placed in the University Scholars Programme (USP).

Sean believes in long term learning. A student can retain the idea well only if he/she has a good understanding of the idea. Different students understand idea through different learning style.

He always ensure students to have a good understanding of the concept through various means catered to a student’s learning style. A good understanding of the idea followed by some practice will help student internalise the concept.

Such learning approach can help a student to excel academically without going through too much unnecessary stress.



Sean has track record of helping students getting grade A/B. He will work towards an A1 with you!



He will equip you with powerful strategies to solve complex Physics questions in simple steps! Concepts are made easier!


Sean will develop strategy to study WITH you! He believes in putting the smile back into learning 🙂