The PSLE Math paper consist of 2 segments, paper 1 tested on MCQs and paper 2 test on short answers as well as problem-solving questions. 

Needless to say, most students struggle with Paper 2 because one problem sum may actually fuse different subtopics such as fractions, decimals, percentage together.

The PSLE Science paper covers 2 sections: Section A which comprises of 28 MCQs worth 56 marks in total, and Section B which comprises of 12-13 short answer questions, worth 44 marks in total. Common problems faced by students are typically in Section B, where it involves putting concepts into both answering techniques(inclusive of keywords) as well as giving complete answers for full marks.

The subject tests on the understanding of the English language through speaking, listening and writing. Students are required to have basic grammar use, a variety of lexicon, the ability to comprehend written passages and be able to consolidate their ideas by writing soundly.

PSLE Chinese is deemed as one of the most challenging subjects for students nowadays as most of the families rarely practice the mother tongue. With more emphasis on learning about the world, students not only need to know how to read and write but also, be aware about the issues around them – in Chinese.