Primary Science

The PSLE Science paper covers 2 sections: Section A which comprises of 28 MCQs worth 56 marks in total, and Section B which comprises of 12-13 short answer questions, worth 44 marks in total.

Common problems faced by students are typically in Section B, where it involves putting concepts into both answering techniques(inclusive of keywords) as well as giving complete answers for full marks.

An important tip to score your A* in Science

Scoring A* in Science requires both speed and accuracy in answering questions. Hence, allocation of time during the exam is important. We recommend and train our students to spend 50 minutes to complete Section A and 40 minutes to complete Section B. That will leave them with 15 minutes to do a check to ensure accuracy of answers.

Here is Advo, we will expose your child to different types of concepts with the help of our One Page Concept Map and questions to perfect your child’s answering technique. Your child will learn the correct technique to master PSLE Science with us!