Primary Math

The PSLE Math paper consist of 2 segments, paper 1 tested on MCQs and paper 2 test on short answers as well as problem-solving questions. 

Needless to say, most students struggle with Paper 2 because one problem sum may actually fuse different subtopics such as fractions, decimals, percentage together. Hence, it does not only requires students to be a master of subtopics, it actually puts a demand on them to acquire higher order thinking skills to solve these questions. When faced with a wide variety of questions in Paper 2, it is a common issue faced by students to not be able to identify the correct question types and to solve it efficiently during examinations.

Study tips to score your A* in Math

The key to scoring A* is to be able to identify the correct question types and know how to solve them qucikly. It is definitely useful for students to be exposed to a specific type of question and having ample practices on it because practice makes not just perfect, but rather permanence! At a young tender age of 12, it is important for young minds to be able to identify questions types correctly and being able to score by constant practices with the correct strategies.

With our PSLE Math experience, we are able to equip students with the right skills and strategies to solve PSLE Math questions fast and effectively. We believe that mastering question types with structured methods is the key to acing PSLE Math!