Primary English

The subject tests on the understanding of the English language through speaking, listening and writing. Students are required to have basic grammar use, a variety of lexicon, the ability to comprehend written passages and be able to consolidate their ideas by writing soundly.

Study tips to score your A* in English

English is everywhere! You can start reading about things that you’re interested in! It could be about nature, science, sports, cartoons, and really anything that you like! There will be words that you do not know, so create a vocabulary bank and find the meaning for them. Another simple activity is to look at posters of any sort, understand their messages and the target audience. Most importantly, have fun and be creative with the language!

Advo is a place where learning is fun! Learning a language is actually easier with certain strategies and it has been proven that Advo has the right strategies to help score in English while being able to appreciate the beauty of the language.