Primary Chinese

PSLE Chinese is deemed as one of the most challenging subjects for students nowadays as most of the families rarely practice the mother tongue. With more emphasis on learning about the world, students not only need to know how to read and write but also, be aware about the issues around them – in Chinese.

Common problems faced by students who take PSLE Chinese is the inability to understand long wordy comprehension passages and difficulty in expressing themselves in their compositions.

Tips to score your A* in Chinese

1. Look out for keywords in questions instead of attempting to understand every single word in the question.

2. Know what are your strengths and tackle the questions/parts that are easier for you first!

3. Converse in Mandarin with your friends or family daily! No, it does not have to be long conversations but instead, ask them simple questions. It will help you greatly in your oral exams!

Here is Advo, our Chinese PSLE tutors will allow you to learn the Chinese language in an unconventional way. You will be equipped with strategies to identify the types of questions and how to answer them quickly and effectively.