A common misconception is that Biology needs memorisation. One reason for this misconception could largely be due to a lack of understanding in Biology concepts. For example, in the topic of Molecular genetics, we know the concept that recombinant plasmids containing foreign genes can be selected from those that do not with the use of genetic markers. In Cell division, we know that DNA is replicated but chromosome number stays the same. However, how do the selection markers work? How do chromosome numbers stay the same?

The distinction between someone who understands and remembers this concept as compared to someone who memorised it will be the ability to explain the two questions above. In Advocators O level Biology tuition, our coaches believe strongly in remembering concepts over pure memorising as it comes with the ability to understand and apply concepts during examinations. Application of concepts is crucial not only for O level Biology but also for other subjects.

O Level Biology Tip

A tip for understanding Biology is to visualise and ‘see’ the concepts. For example, visualise the lungs as expanding or deflating balloons during the process of inhalation/ exhalation. This would help the student to understand and subsequently remember the flow and pressure of the lungs during breathing.