Lower Secondary Math

As students transit from primary to sec 1 maths, they are introduced to more challenging mathematical concepts. Algebra is one of the more important and challenging topics in sec 1 maths since it comprises of several sub-topics such as expansion, factorization of expressions.

Going deeper, the students would be required to be comfortable in identifying keywords and to know under what circumstances they would write appropriate algebra expressions in application questions. Therefore, it is essential to build a strong foundation in algebra in sec 1 and sec 2 lower secondary maths as it is cross-linked with other topics such as simultaneous equations, proportions, similarity and congruence.

Grasping Sec 2 and Sec 1 Maths

In Advo, our lower secondary math coach make use of simple strategies as well as examples to allow our students to identify various keywords before they start on algebra questions. At the end of the day, our students will not only gain confidence in their abilities but they will also be excited to take on the challenge to solve the questions!

On a side note, it is definitely important to build a strong foundation in lower secondary mathematics as it will give the students an edge over their peers as they proceed on to take on Elementary Mathematics (E Maths) and/or Additional Mathematics (A Maths) in Upper Secondary.