Last Minute Results Transformation (LMRT)

Making The Impossible Possible In Just 3 Weeks

It’s just less than a month before the O/A Level Examinations, and your child is still failing. As a parent, you are worried because the opportunity cost of failing in the critical year exam would be as high as wasting another year to study the same subjects again. Just when your child needs the most help, it seems like there is no hope.

Have no fear, Advo is here!

Advo Offers A Proven System for Your Child to Get an ‘A’ in Less Than 1 Month.

Yes, you heard us right. To get an ‘A’, regardless of your child’s current results.

LMRT is a programme that is designed by crazy Advo Trainers who believe in making the ‘impossible’ possible. Over the past 5 years, we have transformed not just the results of students, some from F to A and some from always fail to their first pass, but also the self-esteem of our students from kids with low self-esteem to kids who now believe that “everything is possible, even miracles, if I want it hard enough”.

This success experience, is what no amount of money can buy!

“Even though I know my content well, I always got a failing grade in my school Economics exams up till my prelims. That’s when I got worried for me Economics grade in A levels and decided to join the LMRT programme in Advocators. The strategies that Ruth taught allowed me to better structure my essays and also choose the appropriate points to include. I was also exposed to questions I’ve never seen before and learnt how to handle them… With much hard work and the regular practices that the LMRT program have given me, I was finally able to get what I thought was impossible before: an A grade for me A levels Economics.”

Chong Wei Yin
National Junior College
From U to A – H2 Economics

LMRT registration opens only in September. Leave your contact details to be updated!