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Leon Ong

JC General Paper

About Leon

Coaching Achievements

  • Author of A Level General Paper guide “Re-engineering the Art of Writing”
  • 15+ years experience coaching GP

About Leon

Leon has more than ten years of tutoring experience and has helped students from many JCs attain educational success. He employs a patient and jovial teaching style that has found approbation and endorsement from his students.

Suffice to say, GP is a hard subject to master.

The first misconception is that “GP is simply English” and many students struggle their entire JC life without seeing any improvement in the subject. The second misconception is that “GP cannot be practiced” as it is pegged to the level of English.

Take heart, as there is a method in the madness. Through a formulated approach of separating the Science and the Art behind writing, many of our students have found their desired results.

Leon uses a proprietary methodology to, firstly, develop a logical framework using a formula for each paragraph. That is The Science.
Then, students are free to provide their aesthetic inputs based on this logical progression. And that, is The Art.

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. For me, it is to spread the joy of effective writing.



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