Advo Coach – Justin Joo


Justin Joo

Primary & Secondary Level Chinese

About Justin

Having always been in a Higher Chinese Language environment in the SAP school system since Primary and Secondary school, and subsequently, to a top JC which offered Chinese Language Elective Programme and then to the Chinese Faculty in NUS, Justin vividly recalls how he had to “survive” through the 5th day of examination at PSLE while all his peers were free and playing! Little did he knew: his strong interest and ability in the Chinese Language and the route less traveled prepped him all the way till University with a government study award.

Over the years, Justin has also done countless of translation projects (either translation from Chinese or to be translated into Chinese) for global clients. Many of these projects come from abroad and they widely span across as research and thesis papers, international business websites, medical reports, arts, drama, media and entertainment sources, etc.

Justin wishes to impart the knowledge that having the edge in equipping your children well in the Chinese Language while many others fail or having a lack interest in this area, will bring forth many opportunities which many may not understand nor see into the future.

Many children dread Chinese and its form of teaching or even its learning process. Justin is able to simplify the Chinese Language learning (through his proven methods of translational teaching and experiential learning processes) to make it less threatening and for Chinese to become more meaningful.

With his background and vast experiences, Justin focuses his teaching to achieve 2 main things for your children: Academic results and Learning.

Justin is able to bring Chinese Language out of the classroom environment and not just being regarded as a subject. He is capable and confident in removing the myth that Chinese is difficult for his students and make it enjoyable for them in their learning process.

I have also scored 100% in my Chinese and English Orals more than once! Yes, that’s real and achievable too! I will help you learn Chinese in an Easy to Understand - Bilingual manner!



Simplifying the Chinese Language learning process with step-by-step techniques.


Capable and confident in removing the myth that Chinese is difficult and making it enjoyable.


If you understand English but not Chinese, come for the Bilingual journey!