Ever felt like chemistry at A-level is all Greek to you? Ever felt like giving up? Ever felt like pressing on but just can’t do it alone?

Having the right study strategy is essential if you want to overcome these barriers when it comes to understanding and mastering A-level Chemistry. Of course, having the right support around you is also essential, so it doesn’t feel like you are facing the struggle alone.

To begin your journey to being an ace in A-level Chemistry, here are a few strategies to get you started.

1. Surround yourself with strong support

Students generally face difficulties digesting concepts of Physical Chemistry topics such as Ionic Equilibria and Electrochemistry. Keeping silent when you’re struggling won’t get you anywhere.

Talk to your teacher or your tutor whenever you are in doubt. Sometimes, all it takes is a little more explanation or a different way of explaining to make everything clear.

Your peers are also a good source of support. Consider gathering your friends to work together in a study group.

2. Have a sound mnemonic strategy

Most students are also unable to memorise essential content, such as the details in Inorganic Chemistry topics, and the reagents/conditions of reactions studied in Organic Chemistry. These incidentally take up to 40% of the A-level syllabus.

A good strategy for memorisation is indispensable when it comes to what seems a gargantuan task. For example, one useful tip is to group the reactions together and remember them together as one.

Having a useful strategy like this at your disposal is the difference between long, painful hours of memory work, and efficient recall.

3. Keep working on problems

So, you’ve done the memory work, and you have an adequate understanding of the concepts. This isn’t quite enough if you want to truly master the subject. To be an ace in chemistry, you need to work on the problems daily.

Solving problems tests your ability to apply your knowledge. The process of attempting this deepens your understanding of the practical aspects of the concepts you learn. Doing this successfully, demonstrates your mastery of the subject.

Master A-level Chemistry with Advo Study Strategies

The A-level Chemistry coaches at Advo have the expertise to explain difficult concepts in a clear and precise manner. Interesting strategies will also be used to tackle questions that frequently appear in examinations, and make memorising mundane information a more interesting and efficient process.

Rest assured, every effort will be made to ensure students achieve success in their study of chemistry.