Advo Coach – Hafiz Zain

Hafiz Zain

Lower Secondary Math & Science

About Hafiz

His love for education and children was sparked and fanned to a brilliant flame in US Summer Camp 2016 while working with kids 7-16year olds.

After finishing up last year Psychology degree at NUS, Hafiz was exposed to a range of unconventional education with kids, from 6month-6year olds for right brain training under Shichida to outdoor education with 5-13 year olds. He got a good sense of the developmental phases and how they affect children and had strong interest in education as it is at the core of a person’s growth not just in academics but also in the softer side of things.

Being the youngest of 8 siblings, Hafiz is always surrounded by way older people who brought so many stories of thier life experiences to him so he could learn from their successes and failures. The ability to connect with studies and share such experience, academically and life, positively impact his students’ growth as a person. Hafiz aspires to be his students’ role model and guiding light as they navigate their lives. To know that every interaction he has with a child is planting a seed that has the potential to grow into a big tree that supports, supplements and shields these kids in their volatile futures is what keeps him going.

ADVO allows Hafiz to express himself in unconventional ways and not be limited, allowing him to break the barrier of “coach-student” a lot more easily and as a result, really build a bond with students where he remained as friends that can guide them rather than just being teachers that teach.

Everything's gonna be ok in the end; if it's not ok, it's not the end.



With Hafiz, you’ll learn to have fun while you study, and to understand that fun and study don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Hafiz is all about keeping that energy up whenever things get a little slow!


Hafiz has loads of experience and stories to share from his travels and from diving into outdoor education, making science lessons way more interactive and relatable!


Hafiz loves to have fun as much as you do, so let’s have fun together while growing together