Students are expected to display high proficiency in reading, writing and interpreting the language in academic literature. They must also be able to organise and articulate well-informed and balanced arguments on a plethora of current world issues. This means that they have to acquire both general knowledge and critical skills in academic writing, argumentation, inference and technicality. They must also have an excellent command of grammar, and a wide vocabulary.

Common problems faced by students 

-Going out of point when answering the question

-Being unable to write/structure good academic essays

-Not possessing sufficient general knowledge to answer questions well

-Being unable to paraphrase accurately

-Not understanding the technical demands of Paper 2’s Short-Answer Questions and the Application Question

A tip to score in GP

Read widely about everything, and learn the art of forming connections to relate what you presently know to answer any question, instead of only narrowly studying for specific question types and topics. Often, one case study or example can be broadly applicable to a spectrum of topics if you know how to form good links.

In Advo, acquire fantastic weekly doses of general knowledge in our exciting classes and find out how to make sense of world events to write good, organised essays. Learn how to always hit the mark and structure your thought-flow when answering all kinds of essay and comprehension questions with simple step-by-step techniques and strategies. Fully understand the demands of the paper and even how to write the answer key! Most importantly, be exposed to a rich potpourri of figurative expressions, get lots of practice paraphrasing and amass vocabulary for impressive accuracy and fluency in writing. Easily secure your solid A for GP and finally be confident for every test and exam with these highly useful and transferrable skills.