Advo Coach – Gabriel

Gabriel Goh

P5 & P6 Mathematics

S1 & S2 Mathematics

About Gabriel

    Having taught 8 years in Mathematics in both Primary & Secondary, Gabriel is able to provide a deep understanding of the topics. With his amount of experience, he’s able to understand common mistakes made by students and provide solutions on how to deal with them.

After entering fields such as F&B as well as sales and marketing, Gabriel feels that the education sector has a deeper meaning not just in himself but also the students. As such, he converted from a part time/freelance in education to a full time with Advo Education.

Gabriel believes that Math is not only a subject but an essential skill in life, with critical thinking.

He’ll also go above and beyond academics to understand and relate to the student’s growth and understand more about the concerns and interest that one has. This has helped to build a rapport between students and him and learn ultimately learn better.



Having been a competitive gamer in his young teens, Gabriel will definitely be able to relate to students better.



His experience in not just in academics but specifically in current PSLE eligibility and Tertiary Education.


Gabriel does not just teach via workbooks or textbooks! Expect nothing less than extraordinary techniques!