Advo Coach – Dennis Chu


Dennis Chu

Secondary Level English & Lower Secondary Science

About Dennis

I always knew I wanted to choose a career path that can influence lives and change people. Education is one of the best places to achieve this because I believe that kids are impressionable and I can make a difference in their lives.

I hated spending endless hours studying, and so I was always looking for the easiest, most efficient way to master my subjects. I want to impart these skills I have acquired to my students.

I see English as a technical subject. As long as you master the right answering techniques and strategies, scoring for the English paper is as easy as a breeze. For me, English is not only about teaching the students how to answer examination questions. It is about learning how to think and analyse, which I believe is a far more valuable skill that is useful throughout life.

Besides English, I also teach Lower Secondary Science. Science was one of the subjects that I struggled with during my secondary school days, but I have found ways to see the logic and explain the concepts that made it easy for me to understand and answer examination questions. I believe that any child who struggles with Science faces the same issues I did, and the learning methods I used can definitely help students learn science easily and have fun at the same time.

Now, why Advo? When I was a student in Junior College, I did not do well for my promotional exams at the end of year 1, because I was immature at that time and my priorities were not in order.

I approached Advo on a recommendation from a relative seeking purely academic help, but I got more than I had hoped for. My coaches at that time, Pey and Ruth, taught me learning techniques such as the OPCM system, and the value of prioritising important things in life and doing my best, which helped me to suceed in my A-levels and in University.

I belive that anyone can benefit from the education that Advo provides.

Scoring is not difficult; you just don't know the easy way to do it yet.



If you don’t believe that you can get an A for English or Science, Dennis will help you believe in yourself.


Studying does not need to be tedious with Dennis. A is EASY!


If you want an A, Dennis will do everything he can to help you achieve it! A is EASY with Dennis!