Academic Coaching

Score A1/A In Your Next Test!

“Scoring A in the next test? Is it really possible?”

Academic Coaching is more than just tuition. It is coaching for PERFORMANCE. It is fusing mindset and skill set into the specific academic subject matter. We want our students to see the jump in their results in the shortest possible time as we know that once a student sees his/her first A1, they will not want anything less. This is what we called sustained motivation.

Well it is, and it’s even easier than scoring A in the examinations! The reason is simple – The scope that’s tested in a test is less than that in an examination, and hence it’s definitely easier to score the A in the test when we put in focused effort to do so.

Academic Coaching is full of energy, fun and laughter, as we believe that peak performance happens when one’s energy is the greatest, that is, when one is happy!

With this in mind, we create an environment that is special. We do not want to have the student to come in for “just another class lesson”, instead, it is creating new experiences for the child so that he/she can learn through the different experiences (e.g. Reactivity series challenge)! In fact, they are coming to a Club, discussing academic subjects and learning in a high energy and dynamic environment. It’s about bringing the smile back into learning!

Power Up Day (PUD)

As part of our Academic Coaching programme, Power Up Day! is an experience created for the students by the coaches, where academic coaching will be conducted in a different format. It comprises of three segments where the students will be tested on both their subject content knowledge and application in an intensive yet fun manner. Thematic based, it is once in a year experience that you don’t want to miss!

Subjects Offered:

O Level
A Math. E Math. Chemistry. Physics. Combined Science. Chinese. Higher Chinese. English

A Level
Math. Chemistry. Physics. General Paper. Chinese

“Advo Coaches are fun! I never thought that I could learn and do well at the same time! Learning with them is a whole new experience; easy learning, easy scoring! You guys are the best!”

Marcus Foo
Maris Stella High School
From F9 to A1 – Combined Science (GCE ‘O’ Level)

“The Economics package was really good. We get really good notes and we have a lot of timed practices. It really helps! That was how I got my ‘A’ in A-Levels from and ’S’ in prelims!”

Soh Junwen
From S to A, H2 Economics