Coach – Wong KC

Wong KC

O Level A/E Math

I have many crazy dreams, but there is one dream where I can see myself giving back as a coach! The reason for me to do so is very simple. I have achieved my As here in Advo and I know I can do the same for those who join me.

Back in Secondary school days, my teachers were persuading me to drop my A-Math to focus more on my E-Math because I was not doing well for both. I persisted and continued even though I was scoring single digits for both subjects. My teacher told me that if I continued doing what I was doing, I would probably have to do my “O” levels again. In the end, I scored As for both of the subjects!

Personally, I know what it feels like scoring Fs, which is why I want to empower my students to allow them to know that they are capable of scoring the results that they desire – A! Success creates more success. Hence, I want my students to succeed in scoring that A that they deserve!

Every student is capable of achieving more than what they think they can. If I can do it, you can too!

If fun and effective learning is what you want, join me now!