Advo Coach – Alex Lim

Alex Lim

Lower Sec Math

O Level E-Math / A-Math

A Level Math

Coaching Achievements

  • Bachelor of Science, Second Class Honours (Upper) In Applied Mathematics, Minor in Physics, NUS
  • Postgraduate Journalism Course, University of Canterbury
  • 5+ years of teaching experience
  • Ex-Moe Lecturer

About Alex

    Alex has five years of teaching experience in Mathematics across various levels from lower secondary to Junior College.
    Having taught in a secondary school, a junior college as well as in a tuition center, Alex has a good understanding of students of various levels and background.

Education is not just about teaching academic content; it’s about knowing students as individuals with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, dreams and personalities so that Alex can be their moral compass in their lives.

Once Alex entered education, he realised it is not just about pursuing his own dreams in my life, but also helping his students realise their dreams by maximising their potential

Alex firmly believes that building rapport with his students is the key to improving grades. As he develops good interaction with his students, he also encourages his students to think critically by using Socratic Questioning and Polya’s Model of Problem Solving to tackle not just Maths problems but also generic problems in life.



Alex makes lessons interactive with sharing of personal stories that inspires and expands your world



Alex adopts Socratic Questioning and Polya’s Model of Problem Solving that gets you to think critically like never before.


Alex makes learning Math FUN! (eg Occasional playing of fun games like Taboo to help students remember keywords in Mathematics)