A Math

A Math is essentially easy if hard work is put into the subject matter. It is a subject whereby a good strategy from a coach, can save the student lots of precious time in revising and practicing the questions. If a student has certain topics that he/she is not sure about, it is a must to catch up over the weekends or holidays, as it is about consistency and practicing smartly.

A Math Study Tip

What I would advise to students is that they should practice the use of the same formula consecutively on three different questions. With the repeated use of the formula, the students must when to apply and how to apply by looking at the question type. This is the most basic rule of Additional Math, for a student to look at the questions, identify the chapter, then analyze the question type, then decide which formula is best suited to solve the question. This should be the thought process for any A Math students.

Consistently practice the topics. Use the common tests and CA tests questions as a gauge on your understanding, and make sure that the questions that were answered wrongly would be 100% right the next time. A-Math questions are repetitive, if you can repeatedly produce correct answers, you are on the right track! In Advo, our o level a math coach makes practice learning fun for you!