Advo Coach – Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong

O/A Level Chemistry

Coaching Achievements

  • Author of A level TYS Solution
  • Author of A level Physical Chemistry guide
  • 15+ years experience coaching JC Chemistry
  • Ex moe lecturer

About Jasmine

The decision to leave MOE after 8 years was an impulse act that I never regretted.  When I heard about the ideology of “3 cannot be delayed” advocated by ADVO, I knew firmly this is the place where I want to work at.


With a group of like-minded friends, I want to bring the smile back to students and re-ignite the dreams in them.


Having years of teaching experience in Chemistry, I have gathered and refined numerous unique teaching strategies. I only have one goal in mind: to inspire all my students to achieve excellence in Chemistry.


Live to inspire. Be Greater.

To me, success is more than just achieving academic excellence, it is about having the grit , perseverance and determination to see through difficulties. Success is not about one’s achievement. It is about giving back to society to help others have a better life.

Learning Chemistry is both fun and easy with me!



Regardless of your current results, Jasmine will only work towards an A with you


Jasmine’s strategies are simple and easy to master


Learning Chemistry with Jasmine is fun and easy