Power Revision 2017 – NOW ON

Power Revision 2017 – NOW ON

Hey guys, what’s up! It is now mid May, just 28 days count down to the long awaited A-Math Power Revision!

I’m super psyched up because I only have one goal:

100% A1 for 2017

Yes it is really a super audacious goal, especially when my students come from all sorts of background and most of them started off failing A-Math. This is not going to stop me from going for the goals I’ve set up. In fact, I’m even more motivated to see that this becomes a reality, and we can bring this experience to any situation that we deemed “impossible” in our lives and make them a reality.

For all students, you will be equipped with all my strategies, NO HOLDING BACK. For those in my classes, you have already witnessed times where I can teach a complex concept in just 10 minutes with such simplicity that the entire class is able to do it with me. Power Revision is all about that – Powerful strategies!

You have always heard of my past track record, your seniors’ stories, my success cases, all these and more. Now you are part of this story, join them to experience first-hand in this extraordinary process.

For those who don’t already know, Power Revision is mynumber one all-time favorite programme to conduct. I love it cause it’s a challenge for myself to teach everything that I know to a group of students in just 42 hours. I love the interaction, the feeling of breakthrough and triumph, the togetherness and most importantly when students start to believe in themselves again – it’s priceless.

This may be surprising to some:

I was an ex-Advo student as well, just like one of the hundreds of students I take in per year. I played way too hard in the first 1.5 years of JC, I was complacent because I was always academically driven but it proved that there was just too much work for me to catch up. I joined Advo’s A levels Sep Power Revision course and it changed not only my results, but it changed my life around. This is seriously the only place that works with all students for an “A” grade regardless when they take you in, or how you were faring prior to joining. The commitment of my coaches to work with me was more than I can ever expect from any “tuition centre”, they literally want me to do well better than I do for myself. This is why I only want to give my best to every student who crosses my path, I believe that transformation will only happen when both parties work towards a common goal.

Haha before I get all sentimental,

I wanted to share this post on 8 things I enjoy during the Power Revision 42 hours:

  1. Powerful strategies that cut your revision time
  2. Be more confident in A-Math than ever before
  3. When everyone finally understands THAT concept
  4. Sharing inside jokes (or my life stories)
  5. Having meals with my students
  6. Seeing a student teach another student – it means I succeeded!
  7. Make friends who wants to score A1 with you
  8. Seeing my students treat Advo like home, when blankets and stuff toys starts to appear

There you go, here are my Top 8 things and I hope to see you at Power Revision!

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