Do you want your child to be AHEAD of their peers before they enter 

secondary school? 


You’ve probably noticed that over the years, your child's studying and learning patterns change from time to time.

This is especially true around the age of 13-16, as students are about to reach their new phase of education - entering Secondary School. The environment, the teaching method and the subjects they learn are completely different from primary school.  

At this age, they undergo a steep learning curve with additional subjects to learn, multiple new concepts thrown at them daily and many of them struggle to keep up. 

What if I told you based on the thousands of students who have walked through our classes, there is an easier way to build their foundation and help them to ACE their exams and be ahead of their peers?

Do You Want Your Child To 

Struggle During Their Secondary School?

Subjects we offer:

Lower Secondary Science




Lower Secondary Math




Primary to Secondary 1 Transition (Math)

As students transit from primary to sec 1 maths, they are introduced to more challenging mathematical concepts. 

Algebra is one of the more important and challenging topics in sec 1 maths since it comprises of several sub-topics such as expansion, factorization of expressions.

Diving deeper, your child would be required to be comfortable in identifying keywords and writing the appropriate algebra expressions in application questions under varying circumstances.

Therefore, it is essential to build a strong foundation in algebra in sec 1 and sec 2 lower secondary maths as it is cross-linked with other topics such as simultaneous equations, proportions, similarity and congruence.


Primary to Sec 1 Transition (Science)


Lower Secondary Science consists of three subjects –


The requirements of the three sciences are generally different, and students often feedback that they particularly dislike or like one of the sciences due to varying reasons.

Many lower secondary science students find Biology more interesting as some Biology topics such as ecology seems more relatable and applicable to our daily lives; however, the downside of it is that it is more content-intensive and they might find it hard to regurgitate them.

Lastly for Chemistry, students will be introduced to topics such as atoms, molecules and ions which they have not been exposed before. Hence, it would be challenging for them to comprehend the topics as they cannot visualize and relate to their daily lives. 

In comparison, students may find Physics to be dull initially as it contains more formulas for topics such as Electricity and Moments. More mistakes are usually made in these topics because students have yet to understand the basic concepts as well as the proper use of the formulas. 

Fret not, we've got you covered!

Our PROVEN 3-Steps Coaching Approach will help your child build their foundation.

Step 3: Our Unique Advo Mindset Shift

Our Coaches make use of simple strategies as well as examples to allow your child to identify various keywords before they start on their questions. This gives them a better comprehension of what is being asked of them and they can better answer the questions.

Would you rather read a textbook or a single page concept map that summaries the key content in a chapter? Advo's One Page Concept Map allows for students to have a concise and precise understanding of the subjects, effectively improving their ability to excel in school.

Step 1: Identifying Keywords

Step 2: One Page Concept Map

It's all in the mind. We laser in on the secrets to helping your child gain an ‘A’ result mentality, setting him apart from the rest of his peers.

At the end of the day, your child will not only gain confidence in their abilities but they will also be excited to take on the challenge to solve the questions!

Lim Guan Liang, Presbyterian High
From E8 to A1, Lower Sec Science

Timothy Er, Presbyterian High

From D7 to A1, Secondary 2 Math

Cherilyn Chan, CHIJ St. Theresa Convent 

A1 in Math

Shiying is a very good and patient coach. I wasn’t really interested at joining Advo at the start, but after joining a few sessions with Shiying, I began to enjoy going for Advo for classes. Thanks to Shiying, I managed to score a D7 to an A1 for my end of year. Her lessons are very fun and interesting, and she always find a way to make us understand the concepts. She sees me as an A1 student, and is there for her students always, which makes her one of the best coaches I ever had.

Students Who Have Been Impacted by ADVO's strategies

With just two months spent with Shiying, I have improved from a E8 to a A1 in science! I was usually the bottom five in my class for science before I met Shiying… The lessons that my school teacher gave sounds Greek to me, but Shiying broke the topic down to small parts and explain to me. I benefitted a lot from the lesson, and my results proved that she is a good coach. Understanding one question can get you good grades for that type of question, but knowing the question stem, can get good grades for all the questions.

I met Ade 2 years ago and I have learnt a lot from her since. She goes beyond just being a coach and at many times, she is our friend. If we ever need advice she is always willing to help us out and she sets us back on the right track whenever we fall off it. In the short time I have known Ade, she has taught me things that a normal teacher could never teach. She has taught us respect, how to communicate, and how we have to take personal responsibility for the decision and actions we make. Ade always makes it a point to get the message across to us that our dreams are never too big. It’s not just in Math or school work either, she coaches us on our personal lives. I’ll remember her and all her lessons, advices and friendship even after she stop teaching me.

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In fact, the ONLY grade we want to score with your child is an A* for your child’s next test.

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