Can This One Page Concept Map Help My Child Accelerate His Learning and ACE Their PSLE?

So this may be your story for the past 5 years…

  1. Blamed your child for not working hard enough
  2. Launched into an endless list of comparisons of your child with other high-achieving peers
  3. Reproached school teachers for not paying attention to your child
  4. Held the government responsible for implementing a high student-teacher ratio as well as the ridiculously challenging exam that all eleven to twelve years olds (and their parents like you) have to go through
  5. Demanded an explanation from the tutors whom you have engaged on why your child’s grades and not or only barely improving



So, after all the BELLOWING and LECTURING of your child and taking some time to regain your composure. Here is a question you may be asking yourself 


You may have already made the following measures for your child to no good effect –

Switched from tuition centre to tuition centre or from tutor to tutor.

Held many heart to heart sessions with your child trying to get to the root problem.

Tried tutoring your child but do not quite know how to get the right message across so they can fully understand you.

Grounded your child for weeks and removed all privileges to watch television, play video games and even resort to confiscating their mobile phone, iPad, laptop and anything that may distract them prior to tests and examinations.

Spent a fortune on assessment books and top school preliminary examination papers.

Invested in enrichment workshops for your child to attend.

But, still, nothing quite adds up.

And it’s a vicious cycle. Each time you talk down to your child, your child gradually comes to associate exam results as a proof of their worth.

With that seed of thought ingrained in them, they become increasingly discouraged and the cycle only repeats itself.

And like PSLE, your quest to arrive at a solution for your child’s underperformance must be as hair-splitting as your child’s math problem.



Subjects We Offer



Fret not, we've got you covered!

Our PROVEN 3-Steps Coaching Approach will help your child ACE his PSLE. 

Would you rather read a textbook or a single page concept map that summaries the key content in a chapter? Advo's One Page Concept Map allows for students to have a concise and precise understanding of the subjects, effectively improving their ability to excel in school.

Step 2: Identifying Keywords

Step 3: Our Unique Advo Mindset Shift

Our Coaches make use of simple strategies as well as examples to allow your child to identify various keywords before they start on their questions. This gives them a better comprehension of what is being asked of them and they can better answer the questions.

Step 1: One Page Concept Map

It's all in the mind. We laser in on the secrets to helping your child gain an ‘A’ result mentality, setting him apart from the rest of his peers.

Kelyn Chan

From E to B for PSLE in one month

Ann Tan, Parent of Zacchaeus Tan

From B to A for PSLE

Chia De Leon

From B to A* for PSLE

"The Chinese OPCM has really helped me understand and answer the questions that I couldn’t score in before. Thank you for helping me achieve my A*!”

Zacchaeus has improved since he joined. B to A in 3 months! His learning attitude has also changed especially for Chinese and he always look forward to go for his classes. As parents, we are very thankful for the encouragement and motivation Sherina gave. Thank You Sherina!

Aaron Toh

From B to A* for PSLE

“Before I joined Advo, my Science marks were constant at 66.5. After I joined Advo, my Science prelim marks soared, I got 80.5 and I improved by 14 marks! Emily’s One-Page-Concept-Map (OPCM) has helped me a lot by improving my Science concepts. Her guidance after I have done a paper has helped me”

Students Who Have Been Impacted by ADVO's strategies

"I used to have a home tutor for my Math but my grade started to fall from D to E, getting very desperate, my mum saw ADVO adv and thought of giving it a shot, that was 1 month before my PSLE !!!! Signed up for Power Revision and Power Mock, the strategic that was taught in class really made me understand my concept better. Shing was very patience with me despite me asking the same question many times, she used OPCM to make me have a clearer picture and gave me more questions to work on. She also spent extra time to go through my weaker topic and always motivate me. I got a B for my recent PSLE. My parents was so happy. ADVO really help me alot."

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Now, let’s us share a little about ourselves: 

People call us The Crazy Ones

Yes, we are the crazy ones. WHY?

Because unlike other tuition centres that intentionally shut out students with grades hovering between D and U, our coaches welcome such students with open arms and we WILL NOT STOP UNTIL we see to your child’s success.

In fact, the ONLY grade we want to score with your child is an A* for your child’s next test.

The Crazy Ones Never Doubt It.

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