Can This One Page Concept Map Help My Child Accelerate His Learning and ACE Their A Levels?


You’ve probably noticed that over the years watching your children grow up, that their studying and learning patterns changes from time to time.

This especially true at around the ages 16-18 as they reach the 'A' level years. 

At this age, your child is undergoing a steep learning curve with all sorts of concepts thrown at them daily and many of them struggle to keep up.

What if I told you based on the thousands of students who have walked through our classes that it is the way the syllabus is taught that has made it so unnecessarily difficult?



Picture your child...

Struggling chapter after chapter, subject after subject for the past year. However, no matter what you do, their results don’t seem to get any better.

Here's a shocking truth

that most teachers and tutors do not reveal to you. 

The reason why there are so many concepts to learn is because schools are by default, under the obligation to give the complete syllabus to your children.

But let’s pause for a second and ask – at this stage or point in time where your child needs results FAST, which options would you prefer: 

Insist your child learn everything? 


Laser into only the critical components of the exam paper?

Fret not, we've got you covered!

Our PROVEN 3-Steps Coaching Approach will help your child ACE his A Levels. 

Subjects We Offer



General Paper

Would you rather read a textbook or a single page concept map that summaries the key content in a chapter? Advo's One Page Concept Map allows for students to have a concise and precise understanding of the subjects, effectively improving their ability to excel in school.

Step 2: Identifying Keywords

Step 3: Our Unique Advo Mindset Shift

Our Coaches make use of simple strategies as well as examples to allow your child to identify various keywords before they start on their questions. This gives them a better comprehension of what is being asked of them and they can better answer the questions.

Step 1: One Page Concept Map

It's all in the mind. We laser in on the secrets to helping your child gain an ‘A’ result mentality, setting him apart from the rest of his peers.

Peter Loh Cheng Wu, Meridien Junior College 


Roy Lim, Raffles Junior College 


Hmm, this is hard powerful and truthful. Advocators is not a one-off stop just for academic success. It teaches; it guides; it inspires; it fulfils. The goal is an A as the transformation of the mentality of the child starts. What are the 2As I got? How did I achieve that? It is as simple as going to Advocators.

It’s hardly believable to have a grade jump from an “E” to an “A”, but Ruth changed my results in only one short month! Being a great strategist herself, she would often offer students invaluable tips that allow them to apply economic theories effectively in their answers. By doing so, students feel that examinations aren’t so difficult anymore. With her, Economics doesn’t really feel daunting anymore! Thank you, Ruth, for believing in me and helping me to see my “A”!

Students Who Have Been Impacted by ADVO's strategies

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Now, let’s us share a little about ourselves: 

People call us The Crazy Ones

Yes, we are the crazy ones. WHY?

Because unlike other tuition centres that intentionally shut out students with grades hovering between D and U, our coaches welcome such students with open arms and we WILL NOT STOP UNTIL we see to your child’s success.

In fact, the ONLY grade we want to score with your child is an A* for your child’s next test.

The Crazy Ones Never Doubt It.

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