Ever felt like chemistry at A levels is all Greek to you? Ever felt like giving up? Ever felt like pressing on but just can’t do it alone?

A Level Chemistry is never the same as before with Advo! Students generally face difficulties digesting concepts of Physical Chemistry topics such as Ionic Equilibria and Electrochemistry. Most students are also unable to memorise MUST-HAVE content such as the details in Inorganic Chemistry topics and the reagents/conditions of reactions studied in Organic Chemistry, which incidentally takes up to 40% of the A levels syllabus. One useful tip is to group the reactions together and remember them together as one!

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The A level Chemistry coaches at Advo set out to explain such difficult concepts in a clear and precise manner! No time will be wasted! Interesting strategies will also be used to tackle commonly-appeared questions and/or make memorising mundane information a more interesting and efficient process! Every effort will be made to ensure the desire of students to score A1 is constantly driving them towards success! To put it simply, Chemistry is no longer dreadful with Advo!

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